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BLOG: Vegan Cosmetics

BLOG: Vegan Cosmetics

With salons and all types of beauty services been closed most of 2020 definitely drove most of us to teach ourselves the art of at-home treatments. One thing is for certain, staying home caused us to focus our attention on our skin and its needs- thank you isolation. Maybe you order an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber on sale or started the 7 step skincare routine you never had the time to. Chances are, makeup took a backseat - and not because you suddenly decided to go all-natural. Well, snap out of it, because now is the perfect time to cop some amazing beauty deals to experiment with, as soon as they safely arrive at your doorstep. Who said that the "learn a new skill during quarantine" rule doesn't apply to the art of makeup?
Hold on just a second, before you add all the newest releases to your cart, take a quick moment to think if you actually want to let all the efforts you have been putting into your skincare routine go to waste. We can never have too much makeup, however, we can definitely have "too much" chemicals applied to our faces. Please don't kill the messenger, I am just delivering the facts. Choosing a product goes beyond the brand name and cute packaging. In 2021 we need our products to be natural, cruelty-free, and effective- bonus point if they deliver smudge-proof, long-lasting looks with minimum effort.
It’s not every day that a beauty product checks all the boxes above and it’s actually affordable. It goes without saying that every time we come across a new beauty gem that can actually be a part of our skincare routine, we have to share. The list above is filled with only the best of the best formulas to help you reach a more sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle without having to compromise your quality standards. From lip conditioners, jam-packed with antioxidant ingredients rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 in many fruity scents, to silky lightweight (vitamin E infused) liquid lipsticks, and gluten-free holographic lip glosses Carmela's Cosmetics is about to become your new one-stop destination for all things beauty.
Don't forget to look at our two high-pigmented makeup palettes that can guarantee some Instagram-worthy selfies. Oh remember to apply a few swipes of the Cinamon lip plumper to moisture, give a soft shines and a slight swelling- don't hold back, all these goodies all made in the US and Canada.
By  Konstantina Antoniadou

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I used to think that I was saving by buying the best deal on lipsticks and cosmetics products. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way. After more than 10 years using makeup and cosmetics, I developed a skin allergy, after many visits to the dermatologist and costly treatments, I finally realized that saving few dollars on makeup or even investing on “well known” brands was a bad option. I came across Carmelas Cosmetics, I liked the fact is was made in USA and Canada, and being hypoallergenic, i gave them a try, and from that day to know i don’t by any product except from them.
Carmelas’s customer for life.

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